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If your company or organization is in need of inspiring keynote or workshop, Dr. Donna Hicks, Ph.D., can deliver the message that will heal conflict and unify employees around their common identity. Her two decades of experience using dignity to resolve conflict, between people and nations, in the U.S., Columbia, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Cuba, and Northern Ireland, serve as the foundation for her insightful presentations and workshops. She reveals the profound truth about human nature and relationships, enabling you to:

  • Create a culture of dignity, social justice, and personal accountability
  • Heal workplace conflict in a safe and productive manner
  • Facilitate positive relationships at an individual, group, and organizational level
  • Transform business policies and common practices  
  • Develop leadership practices that embody the elements of dignity


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Introduction to the Dignity Model

The Introduction to the Dignity Model can be a half, full day, or weekend workshop.  The basic ideas are presented along with an exploration of its application to your unique dignity challenges. The goal is to achieve an understanding of the importance of dignity in our lives and relationships.

Longer workshops allow for the chance for more in-depth exploration of the building blocks of the model. It is a combination of lecture with extensive experiential exercises and small group work.  The goal is to achieve an in depth understanding of one’s own dignity history and to become knowledgeable in how to apply the skills and insights of the model to one’s personal and professional relationships.

Individuals and organizations can also obtain Certification in the Dignity Model and become proficient in using the model for professional purposes.  This year long training is for professional facilitators, trainers, and consultants who would like to add the dignity skills and tools to their repertoire.

Leadership Training sessions are designed for leaders and aspiring leaders to become skilled in “Leading with Dignity.” The sessions include:

  • Introduction to the basics of the dignity model
  • Assessment of individual dignity strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Assessment of systemic and organizational dignity strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Development of skills and tools necessary to incorporate dignity into one’s leadership repertoire

Donna offers individual coaching sessions and consultations in both the corporate and non-profit settings.  The sessions include:

  • Introduction to the basics of the dignity model
  • Assessment of the dignity challenges within the organization
  • Discussion of how to develop a culture of dignity in the organization
  • Assessment of the leadership training needs in order to create a culture of dignity

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